Gold prices firm up, but still a long way away from record highs

The industrial demand for platinum rises when economic and political situations are stable. When the economy is bad, demand for automobiles, turbine engines, and heavy machinery drop. The yellow metal is used in the fields of dentistry, electronics, and aerospace. Gold is held in official reserves by central banks due to its perceived worth being an alternative currency. Diversification is the most appealing feature of platinum in form of an investment.

  • While gold has been living up to its standard for a very long time, lately the metal has started to lose its shine.
  • Any element that is abundant, such as Aluminum, is very cheap.
  • The US Labor Department’s consumer price index report showed monthly CPI gained 0.1% in August from July, against expectation of a 0.1% dip.
  • Then on Monday, he flagged the possibility of a trade deal with China, adding that he believed Beijing was sincere in its desire to reach an agreement.

Iridium, which is also used in spark plugs, has climbed to $6,000 an ounce, according to Johnson Matthey Plc data. That makes it more than three times more expensive than gold. Gold prices have been under pressure after some Fed officials reiterated the US central bank’s focus on controlling inflation. Barring currency, if there could have been any indicator to measure wealth in the world, it would definitely have been Gold. Gold is undoubtedly a precious metal for which there have been wars also. This natural resource has always fascinated everyone and has managed to retain its importance over centuries.


Seeing the level of inflation up, investors have been apprehensive that the Fed may increase interest rates even further. On MCX this morning, silver prices showed a decline in contrast to gold. Silver slipped by Rs 351 to Rs 60,401 per kg in morning trade. Earlier, trading in silver started at the level of Rs 60,550 per kg, but soon it slipped 0.58% to the level of Rs 60,401. The price of palladium has jumped significantly over the past 2-3 years, having seen a growth of over 50 percent in 2019.

why gold is expensive

India contributes less than one percent to global gold production. However, it is the second-largest consumer of precious metals. Therefore, import duty plays an essential role in the price of gold.

Why is gold a precious metal?

When central banks of large countries start holding gold reserves and procuring more gold, the price of gold goes up. This is because the flow of cash in the market is increased while the supply of gold goes down. Gold is one of the most revered metals in the Indian culture. From festivals, to weddings to xabcd pattern birthdays, no auspicious occasion goes by without making use of this metal. Indian temples are famous for their new as well as ancient gold idols which are guarded against any kind of theft or robbery. Most Indians look up to gold as a thing of investment which can be used in times of financial crisis.

  • It can be found in the earth’s crust as an alloy with gold and other valuable metals, as well as in minerals such as Chlorargyrite and argentite.
  • It gives you the option to buy it in the purest form possible and in the minimum weight with little to no making charges in comparison to other ornaments.
  • Molybdenum, which is basically a by-product of copper mining, produces rhenium as a by-product.

Given that gold is quoted in US dollars, its price is certain to decrease. 10 karat gold is an alloy of gold that contains at least 41.7% of gold and the rest being other alloys such as silver, nickel or zinc. The amount of alloyed metals is higher than that of pure gold, i.e. 58.3%, which makes it less precious and more vulnerable to tarnish. This form of gold is very sturdy, not too soft and doesn’t scratch or bend easily. 18 karat gold comprises 75 per cent pure gold mixed with 25 per cent of other metals like copper or silver, etc. Highly suitable for making studded and diamond jewellery, 18k gold is less expensive as compared to 24K and 22K.

Gold, silver prices remain unchanged; yellow metal hovering at Rs 52,340

This type of gold has a rich yellow tone with a slightly dull shade that makes it absolutely desirable for exquisite gold and diamond jewellery pieces. The 100 per cent pure gold is 24 karat gold, as it doesn’t include any traces of other metals. It is said to be 99.9 per cent pure in the market and has a distinct bright yellow colour.

The large price disparity between gold and rhodium is due to the fact that gold mines are far more numerous than rhodium mines. Rhodium is a precious metal that is mostly mined in Russia, South Africa, and Canada because of its great corrosion and heat resistance. Its reflecting surfaces are employed in search lights, mirrors, and jewellery finishes, and it gives everything it touches a wonderful shine. Significantly, the price of gold and silver is increasing continuously in the global market. With the increase in the price in the global market, there is a jump in the gold-silver prices in the Indian market as well.

Gold and Silver prices go down gradually. Chennai to be the most expensive to city to buy gold and silver.

Platinum prices decreased by as much as 15% in three months being a result. Platinum does not lose metal when scratched, the metal is only displaced. Effectively your netplatinum weight will not change over time, due to scratching. Even with large-scale adoption of hydrogen fuel cell technology, palladium will still be in high demand. Credit rating agency CRISIL has lowered gross domestic product growth forecast for India by 20 basis points to 6.9 per cent for this fiscal, citing weak monsoon and slowing global growth. Sluggish GDP data for the first quarter was also taken into account for lowering India’s growth estimates.

why gold is expensive

Rhodium, another metal from the PGM group, is rarer and commands a price of $17,050.00 per ounce (Rs 12,65,885.78 per 28.3g). Artificially created elements like calfornium can be more expensive than rhodium. While the price of spot gold is $1,758.51 per ounce (Rs 1,30,585.11 for 28.3 g), palladium’s price is much higher.

Investors of several sizes buy gold to diversify their portfolios, especially in uncertain economic times when the S&P 500 is at risk of collapsing. The yellow metal is long-lasting, bendable, and functions like an inflation hedge. Gold can be bought in the form of jewelry, coins, bars, bullion, derivatives, futures contracts, and gold exchange-traded funds .


When deciding between platinum and gold, it’s important to evaluate your long-term investing goals and your price fluctuation tolerance. Purchasing actual gold or platinum is perhaps the easiest way to make an investment in these precious metals. Bullion and bullion coins are large amounts of platinum, gold, or other precious metals in the form of coins. Bullion is sold by coin merchants, brokerage companies, precious metal dealers, and institutions. The NYMEX subsidiary of CME Group in New York and the Tokyo Commodity Exchange are the two major futures markets for platinum.

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