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Please be advised that some of the Global ATM Alliance partner websites may be in languages other than English. I’m not sure what about loosing my card was funny to him but I wasn’t laughing. I sat down to see a banker and after 10 min or so bankers came out to help the other clients who arrived after me. When I expressed that I was First I was ignored by the banker. If this wasn’t a joint family account I would be considering canceling my account.

banco américa cerca de mí

A tall caucasian male with a beard was extremely rude and disrespectful to me. I have lived in Maryland for many years, and this was the first time I experienced outright racism. I will be going back just to find out his name and file a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau and BOA Headquarters.

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I’m in Kingman Arizona where this branch is closing at the end of July 2018. My question is whether your branch in Bullhead City is closing. All relationships managers or other people working in this BOA has no power over Jennifer, they are just dummies. Please do not deal with this bank or complain to Customer Service because JENNIFER MONTES who is the manager owens this bank.

  • The manager chewed this teller out right in front of me because she wasn’t meeting her goal.
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  • Manager on duty said deposit in ATM — I said I need cash now.
  • I just don’t know to whom to address the letter.
  • This branch has been showing a high degree of professional customer care.

I am so frustrated with your lack of availability to just take my call. I rarely have to make bank deposits in person and I thank god I don’t. The customer service is subpar and the wait is never less than 40 minutes interactive brokers reputation for a simple cash deposit. I usually do online banking and the times I had an occasion to go inside a bank.. It was Bank of America, 2800 Oswell St., Bakersfield, CA. The tellers are friendly and efficient.

I have been receiving the bank statement regularly. Apparently this bank wants you to do ALL of your banking yourself. If I wanted to bank this way there would never be a need to enter into the lobby of the bank. You were a fine bank and I enjoyed your service. But I have not been your customer for several years. Yet, from B of A, Wilmington, DE I continue, annually, to get a safe deposit billing notice, now totalling $354.

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Today I went in to Bank of America in Schertz. Mind you I know most of the people there and they know me. I needed to print out of my bank statements.

But didn’t understand or know how to do it from my phone. I didn’t mind paying to have it printed out but she was so rude took my phone and said this mercatox exchange reviews is the way you do it. I told her that I did not know anything about computers or how to work my phone to print stuff out and send it by email.

I cannot go there to have access to it, too far and difficult to me. Everytime we go into this bank we leave feeling unappreciated as a long time customer since 1995. At the First Colonial Road Branch the small business specialist is only interested in how many new accounts she can open. There is no help with banking issues as this is not even in her wheelhouse to think beyond how many new accounts has been landed. Bank of America Private Bank is a division of Bank of America, N.A., Member FDIC and a wholly owned subsidiary of Bank of America Corporation.

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To tell the truth, I have never seen a well organized service in Bank of America! Highly recommend to choose other bank that values the customers. The branch doesn’t have the local phone #.

banco américa cerca de mí

And affiliated banks, Members FDIC and wholly owned subsidiaries of Bank of America Corporation. Credit and collateral are subject to approval. Programs, rates, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. Following this, my four consumers were done with cashing their checks and we were approached by the supervisor again while walking out of the bank. In 2012, two gentlemen at the Bank of America were very helpful as we closed out the account for my uncle and aunt, B.B.

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We went in to a long line and I asked to see the manager because I was taking time from my job to DEPOSIT this check. She said that “oh” we didn’t need to come in after all. Teller said she was “confused” because I wanted to see a manager… But my request to see a manager was AFTER she had us come in. Manager was “unavailable” so I left my number for he/she to call.

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I went because she called me to cash money of my card.I showed her copy of my Driving licence, social security number and original ATM card and Credit card. She insisted for original driving licence and did not do the transection and I had to go back.Today 4th. May James did my transection and gave me money.I request Jenifer being removed from this center IMMEDIATELY.

Regrettably it is also a time sucking black hole of inefficiency. If you would ever like to feel as your time is meaningless and completely without value, visit this branch. The lines are short and the applied ineptitude on the part of the staff is literally without comparison. Took over an hour to open a personal checking account, and I wasn’t even able to order checks because after being there for an hour I had to go back to work.

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They said they’d cash it had me sign it then fingerprint it. Then said they could not clear it with brick What is Abstraction in OOPs city and refused to call the correct number for clearance. All those women were rude and unhelpful.

Totally incompetent staff, clearly no training and their “experts” don’t have a clue about the services they offer. This may be a big bank but they are simply incompetent, under-trained buffoons. I will be relocating my accounts to a bank that both cares and has competent staff.

Everyone in this branch is absolutely wonderful. Yuly and her team makes Bank of America my bank of choice. I explained to him that when I opened it years ago it was a free deal since we have direct deposit and other business with the bank. Please refer to their privacy policy and terms of use for details. Find Bank of America branch locations near you.

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