Best Bollinger Bands Trading Strategies 2023 Guide

Bollinger Bands® are a trading tool used to determine entry and exit points for a trade. Bitcoin 97% Gain in 11 DaysI honestly find it hard to determine when bitcoin is going to take a turn looking at the bands. This chart is illustrating a 97% run over an 11-day period. I indicated on the chart where bitcoin closed outside of the bands as a possible turning point for both the rally and the selloff.

After a pullback below the 20-day SMA , the stock moved to a higher high above 17. Despite this new high for the move, price did not exceed the upper band, which was a warning sign. The stock broke support a week later and MACD moved below its signal line. Notice that this M-top is more complex because there are lower reaction highs on either side of the peak .

If the low on the right side is lower than the low on the left, this situation is accompanied by fear and discomfort on the part of the masses of ordinary traders. Many of them went long at the previous low and ended up being kicked out of the market. Few of them will want to buy again, and the inflow of new money is limited to the formation of a new low point. The technical analyst Richard Wyckoff once called this phenomenon a spring, and this term is still used in the trading circles to this day. Between 1984 and 1991, John worked on his own trading system based on the LeDoux strategy and the envelope indicator. John’s brainchild was named after its creator – the Bollinger Bands.

And in strong trending markets, the 20-period moving average can act as an “area of value”. The main advantage of this scalping setup with the Bollinger bands is that you can use in all market conditions. We can observe in the previous Bitcoin chart, that during a downward trend, Bollinger Bands offered 3 oversold signals, but none of them were accurate. In fact, closes outside the Bollinger Bands are initially continuation signals, not reversal signals. So it’s best to avoid chasing tops/bottoms with Bollinger Bands and use the indicator in conjunction with other oscillators. Donchian Channels are moving average indicators developed by Richard Donchian.

bollinger bands settings

Like anything else in the market, there are no guarantees. No doubt, Bollinger Bands can be a great tool for identifying volatility in a security, but it can also prove to be a nightmare when it comes to newbie traders. Don’t skip ahead, but I will touch on this from my personal experience a little later in this article. You can then sell the position on a test of the upper band.

Price Action Candlestick Pattern Indicator for MT4 free

And by bullish or bearish we mean a proper trend with momentum. When an asset is trending and going into a clear direction the SMA should be pointing towards that direction in a clearly visible manner. When an asset is oversold that means that there is too much selling going on, in other words, cheap.

bollinger bands settings

The upper and lower bands are then a measure of volatility to the upside and downside. They are calculated as two standard deviations from the middle band. Bollinger Bands are a good indicator to determine overbought and oversold levels on the charts.

How to use Bollinger Bands?

To truly harness the power of the indicator, you need to learn how the bands interact with the price of a security. At the end of the day, bands are a means for measuring volatility. So, it’s not something you can just pick up and use for buy and sell signals. Strategy #5 Playing the Moving Average – this is for the dip buyers.

  • Bollinger Bands are just providing you entry and exit points that you need to know how to match with the current trend.
  • Because of this, reading the Bollinger Bands doesn’t provide too much trend analysis insight during sideways price action.
  • Continuously i used to read smaller articles that as well clear their motive, and that is also happening with this paragraph which I am reading now.

In this case, the crossing of the moving average of the indicator should occur. M5, W12 – in classic technical analysis, these are expanding triangles – the trend is determined after the breakout. М13, W4 – in classical technical analysis these figures are called triangles. The direction of movement is determined by the side of the exit from the figure. When the price breaks out of this area, it is outside the root-mean-square distribution – it becomes an anomaly in terms of mathematical statistics.

Bollinger Band stock signal

Bollinger Band analysis holds that a failure of RSI to touch the upper band on a second try generates a sell signal. At extreme lows, a failure of RSI to reach the lower band triggers a buy signal. This is similar to double top and double bottom patterns, respectively, that can occur for the price. Some traders would interpret a break below the lower part of the band as a sell signal.

Therefore, the increase in volume occurs at the stage of the lowering of the right shoulder. In the first part of the last spike, the high volume can be explained by the struggle between bulls still hoping for growth and bears confident of the fall. After passing the peak, massive sales continue at the expense of traders, who at the last moment realized that further growth is impossible. Another feature of W-bottoms is the presence of some smaller formations in their structure. A closer look at smaller timeframes reveals reversal signals.

bollinger bands settings

When the price reaches the upper band/lower band, the chances of the price going further up/down decrease, but this does not mean that traders must enter opposite positions. The Bollinger band trading strategy is also identify a stop loss level. This level os identified with the help of the distance between the upper and lower bands. The result of this distance is added into the upper band that generates the stop loss level.

This evolving top formed a small head-and-shoulders pattern. In its most basic form, an M-Top is similar to a double top. However, the reaction highs are not always equal; the first high can be higher or lower than the second high. Bollinger suggests looking for signs of non-confirmation when a security is making new highs.

When the price drop occurs, that would become our second data point. The “squeeze” is the central concept of Bollinger Bands®. When the bands come close together, constricting the moving average, Contingent Liability Journal Entry it is called a squeeze. A squeeze signals a period of low volatility and is considered by traders to be a potential sign of future increased volatility and possible trading opportunities.

Do not make this MISTAKE when trading Bollinger Bands

6) Whatever indications I utilize, simply as I am about to enter I take a look at the rate and utilize the magic of the Psychological Numbers. I wouldn’t buy or offer at a rate that’s banged on the Psychological Varieties of 00,50,20,80. If I would like to PURCHASE, I wait till it passes that 50 psych number like 55 or 60 then I would get in a BUY. The pattern might extremely potentially alter prior to or right after the psych numbers. Statistically, 95% of observations will take place within 2 and -2 basic variances. You can inform if the marketplace has hit extreme costs or if it will take off.

What are the Bollinger bands?

The lower band can still be used as an exit if desired, but a new long position is not opened since that would mean going against the trend. Another limitation of Bollinger Bands is that the standard settings will not work for all traders. Traders must find settings that allow them to set guidelines for specific stocks that they are trading. If the selected band settings fail to work, traders may alter the settings or use a different tool altogether. Most technical traders aim to profit from the strong uptrends before a reversal occurs.

An accumulation stage is a range market within a downtrend, where you can identify resistance and support as price swings up and down within the accumulation. There is a very high degree of risk involved in trading. and all individuals affiliated with this website assume no responsibilities for your trading and investment results. The indicators, strategies, articles and all other features are for educational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice. Please keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases.

Spotting Trend Reversals with Bollinger Bands

If such a need arises, you need to change the timeframe, for example, switch from a daily to a four-hour chart or vice versa. In the initial stages, I recommend limiting yourself to a period of bars. The author himself believes that his indicator works best in this range. If you don’t know the basics of the Bollinger bands tool, I highly recommend you read this article before reading this for better understanding. An Exponential Moving Average is a type of moving average that gives more weight to recent prices in its calculation making it more responsive. Support and Resistance levels combined with Bollinger Bands will get you closer to figuring out the puzzle.

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